Reality Check 

Fact: I haven’t posted in awhile. I could make up some long winded excuse that’ll make my readers feel unneeded sympathy for me, but the fact is I just haven’t posted. Procrastination? Yep. Lack of ideas? Yep.

But I’m here now!

Thanksgiving has passed in a blur. Christmas is lurking around the corner. Life is pretty hectic for us all these next few months.

And, as a young writer, I find it can be hard to get the words out, amidst life’s business. I want to write so badly—I desire for the words to flow from my imagination, weaving together into a complex, beautiful, gripping novel that people will love. But reality hits: it’s not that easy. Every day I need to remind myself to press on, to strive for my goals and not to give up when goals aren’t reached. Sometimes in my mind I become the protagonist of a story, facing countless evils of Procrastination, Disappointment, and the dreaded Writer’s Block. Only with daring courage, imagination, prayer, and determination can I successfully defeat these evils and achieve my goals.

This leads to motivation. What is my motivation? What is your motivation?

There are two paths to this. The self-centered motivation would be “to become rich and famous through a bestseller.” It’s shallow to think that way about everything. Instead, a good way to think about it is “I want to do something I love.” It’s as simple as that.

If you love doing it, your passion will enrich the story. Your characters are a reflection of you, your passions; they are a piece of you. Subconsciously, all your readers will pick up on your themes, which are based on your personal worldviews.

If you genuinely love what you are doing, it will reflect in the book. It will breathe life into characters.

Maybe you aren’t a Christian, but I am. And I believe God to be the author of creation. He breathed life into this world. He loves us. We are spawned from His love, tarnished by the conflict which came from Satan. The main protagonist of our story? Jesus Christ.

And maybe this is just a story to you. But to me it’s fact. It’s life. A story told in the Word of God, a story still being woven, a story that begins and ends with God. A story we celebrate on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter whether you’re a Christian or not.

So if you love something, pursue it. If you love writing, don’t let the antagonists in your life get you down. Press on. It’s worth it.


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