An Introduction

A teenager is capable of writing a book equal to the skill of an adult. So, why aren’t there a ton of bestselling books written by young people? Sure, there are few scattered here and there, but not nearly as many as there could be.

Why not?

The real question to ask is this: What is needed to write and publish a novel? Skill? A mind with overflowing ideas?
Sure. That could work.

But really, there are two fundamental qualities an author needs. Courage, and patience.

Courage, because once you write a book and publish it, not everyone will like it. That’s the sad and simple truth. Think about stories you’ve read, then slammed closed and thought “that was terrible.” Every author has to realize that some readers will adore their book, some readers will like it, and some will hate it. A writer needs the courage to not worry what others will think, and the courage to receive constructive criticism well.

Patience, because most novels take awhile. Anything you write takes awhile, especially if you want it to be a piece that people will enjoy reading. The writing process can be long, at times even frustrating, but if your mind is set on the finished product, keep at it! Don’t discard ideas, instead dedicate yourself.

Courage, patience. Not just life skills, but also keys to a successful novel.



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